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Mail in your Gold and Silver Program!

What is the Erie Gold and Silver Mail-in Program?

This service is a convenience for our customers that live farther away from our store than they wish to drive and still want to take advantage of the return only Erie Gold and Silver can offer our customers. We will accept anything Gold, Silver, or Platinum through our Mail-in Program. If you have rare coins, or antiquities you wish to get money for as well; please contact us before hand and give us as much information as possible about these items. This is so we know if it's something we can purchase from you before you mail it to us.

Just like if you were to do business with Erie Gold and Silver in person at our store, we will accept your mailed in goods and give you the same up front , no haggle, buy price the day you contact us! Additionally If NY spot prices happen to go up from the time you contact us from the time we physically receive your items; we will still give you the best buy price of the two!, so you get the best offer either way!

3 easy steps to use the mail-in program below..

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1. Gather up your jewelry, silverware, and or coins you wish to have sent to us and place in a durable shipping box. It's a good idea to add news paper, or similar packing material to the inside of the shipping box to keep your valuables safe during shipping.

(Erie Gold and Silver will not be held responsible for broken or damaged goods you mail to us, however we handle all items received to us and shipped out with the utmost care you'd expect from a professional numismatic business)

    2. Write down on a piece of paper the following information and place inside the box with your items:
  • Items you are sending to us and any specifics you feel relevant.
  • Today's Date. (Day your shipping to us)
  • First Name and Last Name of the you the sender. (Must be at least 18 years of age)
  • Phone number to reach you at with our purchase offer or questions!
  • Email address to reach you at with our purchase offer or questions!
    3. Securely tape up your box for shipping and mail it to us using either First Class or Registered Mail to:

    Erie G&S
    Attention: Mail Order
    P.O. Box 866
    Erie, Colorado 80516

  • Add Insurance for your items at the time you mail them to us for the minimum amount you feel necessary. We will not be held responsible for your items lost or damaged through the mail. We've never had a problem with this but accidents can happen. You can save a lot on shipping by insuring for less or play it safe and insure your items for more.
  • IMPORTANT: Legibly print out your full Return Mailing Address on the outside of the box you wish us to mail your payment to.

That's all you need to do! We do not send you gimmicky 'mail-in' boxes or packages (This is a waste of money and time on both our parts). Our process caters to people that prefer to conduct there business through professional, honest, and common sense business practices!

Upon receiving your mailed in goods, we will appraise your items and determine if the buy pricing we have for you on the day you mailed to us higher than the day we receive your package in the mail and give you the best buy price of the two!

We will then call you, or email you with our purchase offer! When you accept our offer, we will send payment in full to you via check that day to the mailing address you provided.

At the customers request, we will do our best to remove medium to large gem stones and send them back to you with your payment! We will not be held responsible for any damage however to jewelry or gemstones when trying to remove them. We are experienced professionals and will make every attempt to keep these stones in the condition we received them in!

If for some reason your not happy with our offer, we will ship your items as we received them back to you at our expense! no questions asked. Note: We do not pay for shipping on items sent to us but we do pay for items shipped back to our customers. Because our offer prices are so much higher than our competitors, it becomes insignificant in the end and you'll be much happier you chose to do business with Erie Gold and Silver!

If you have any questions about the mail process; please contact us. We'd be happy to be of assistance!
We look forward to doing business with you!


(303) 828-9999